Car hire Rhodes some Tips!

Car hire Rhodes ,Some tips !

1.Start right

So you want Car hire in Rhodes and have book your car rental in Rhodes island,and is time to collect it.

Someone from our office for sure is there with you to give you the car and help you!

Before you shine the contract make a small checking if a some damage in the car.Rhodes is safe place for car hire.

Also take a picture arrount the car.You will be more safe and sure!

2.Feel familiar with our company

Ask our staff in our Rent a car  everything ,how to switch on the a/c,the cd player or if car have usb.All this i know are very important and to working good.

3.Dont wait car going totaly empty to refull

Here in Rhodes island all petrol stations are not open 24 hours.

The open time is from 08:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the night.

Many petrol station have not automatic machine to full the cars.Make sure that you have enough gas to return in your Hotel.

4.Please dont drive off road.

Rhodes have many ofroads or beaches and is very oft happen people stuck with a car in beaches.

Is very dangerous and you have to becarefull.If this happen to you

you have immediately call to our office and we will fix for you very easy and fast.

5.The speed limit is 60-70 klms

Here we dont have big streets or autoban for fast driving.

Are many small villages and speed limit is 40 klms per hour maximum speed.

6.Dont drink and drive offcourse!

7.Car parking

I s very easy to find car parking all over Rhodes island.Only in the center Rhodes town is little problem

but you can find on the street automatic machine and with 1 euro you can parking for 1 hour!

8.Wear your seat belts always

I hope this Tips are helpfull to make your vacation easy with out worries driving!!

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