Last news to travel in Rhodes!

When start to travel in Rhodes?

Last news about wenn start tourist travel in Rhodes!

Hello to all tourist travel in Rhodes,and our customers that you plan visit the island of Rhodes this summer for your holidays!

Yesterday government and the President was speak about what it will be happen this year in Greek tourism.

Greece want to open tourism early about 15 of June.

Many greek islands and special Rhodes are free from corona virus and that make very safe to welcome the first tourist!

Kalithea rent a car 

is ready to start rent a cars clean and safe!

The government this week will be ready to open all Cafes ,Restaurants,Sport center and all Museums.

Economy of Greece restart from 15th of June and we hope everything go well with out a problems!

Airlines starting!

Airlines are operate to starting flights to Greece also 15th of June!

People they will visit Greece and Rhodes Island with out corona virus test and with out any controls

Hotels are also ready to start welcome the people but they will change a lot of things in everything!

This season for sure is the most different and most difficult from all tourist seasons!

The Operations costs to open the hotels this year it will be higher than lats year and I thing prices will be also very high!

Dear customers we are ready to welcomes you in Rhodes Island and to give to you all best services to enjoy

your holidays in Best island of Greece Rhodes!

Thank you for your trust to us and have great time in Rhodes Island!

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